Springtime in Sea Ranch

It’s official, Spring has sprung. It’s the time of year where the wildflowers are in bloom, the wind picks up and sea lions seek shelter in our Marine Preserves with their pups.

The first week of April has brought gusty winds and a few rain showers. Spring wildflowers are appearing everywhere. California coastal poppies dot the landscape up and down the coast. Wild iris can be spotted in the open fields and meadows as hints of purple sprout forth from the ground. Calla lilies are everywhere and in abundance. Ice plants clinging to the ocean bluff, one of my favorite sights, are starting to open and reveal their many colors.

Whales continue to be spotted by Sea Ranch residents and visitors. Our local list serve is abuzz with activity about frequent sightings of greys, humpbacks and killer whales.

Our protected Marine Preserves in Units 18 and 28 attract onlookers walking the bluff trail hoping to glimpse the seals below that give birth to pups this time of year.

Now that Spring is here and daylight savings upon us, the additional hours of daylight allow one to enjoy the beauty of the area and life on the beautiful Sonoma Coast for just a few hours more.