Power Outages

Candles - check; Flashlights - check; Wood in fireplace - check; bottle of wine - optional

Candles – check; Flashlights – check; Wood in fireplace – check; bottle of wine – optional

When we have heavy rain and wind during our winter storms there is a tendency to lose power. Today is no exception. We’ve had lights flickering on and off several times today not just at my house but throughout Sea Ranch. I’ve heard some units are temporarily without power.

At times like this there are a number of things I do in preparation for potential outages. First I charge up all my devices – iPhone, iPad and my laptop. Then I begin with the laundry, followed by the dishwasher and then running the vacuum. In the event the power is out for a substantial amount of time, at least my devices are charged and I’m caught up on my household chores. Should the power only be out for a short period, then I’m ahead of the game.

I actually don’t mind when the power goes out for a little while. If it’s during the day it’s a great opportunity to curl up with a good book, that is if I don’t have to be at the office. But, I especially don’t mind the power going out in the evening. The first thing I do is round up my collection of candles. Next, a fire is lit in fireplace usually followed by the opening a bottle of wine and some jazz music on the wireless speaker. It’s great to sit around the living room by candlelight and the glow of the fireplace.

If visitors are in town when outages happen we may continue with more of the same but often I’ll bring out my acoustic guitar and serenade them with a few tunes. I’m a beginner and not very good at playing guitar so my attempts to play certain songs and have people name that tune is always good for a laugh especially since the songs I play sounds nothing like they should. The deck of cards that gathers dust in the drawer sometimes sees action for a game or gin rummy or poker on the dining table by candlelight. I know this sounds corny but it can actually be fun sometimes.

But one of the best things about the power going off is it promotes good old-fashioned, face-to-face conversation.There are no distractions for that brief period which force us to unplug from our modern world and modern conveniences. Sometimes it takes moments like this to appreciate all the things we take for granted on a daily basis. When the power does comes back on we fall right back into our routine of turning on the lights, the tv, our computers, check email and the like, as is our habit.

It will be interesting to see how the day progresses. At least I’ll be prepared. So far the power has been on long enough to compose this post on my laptop. I take that back – the power just went off. Oh, now it’s back. I guess I should publish this post before the power goes out – again.