High Tides, Low Tides and King Tides

Sonoma Coast - Shell Beach, Hide Tide - Photo by Paul Kozal

High Tide, Shell Beach from the Sonoma Coast – Photo by Paul Kozal

I haven’t really given much thought to tides, high tides, low tides, or other until just recently. The timing is such that we are in the season of King tides and one can’t help but take note of such an occurrence. King tides are especially high tides that only occur a few times a year. The other reason is due to the fact that my husband, Paul is a photographer and has just started photographing a new series of seascapes that happens to be of tides.

Paul has been going to Shell Beach lately for low tide and again at high tide on the same day to photograph at the same location. He is presenting his final images side-by-side which give the viewer the opportunity to contemplate the views of low tide and high tide together which is something we don’t normally see as it’s usually one or the other (see slideshow).

There have been a number of King Tides this past month and they continue into February. In the event you have taken images yourself of the recent king tides you might wish to know about the The California King Tides Project. This organization invites you to share your smartphone images for their current project. So, if you have any images, consider sharing them.
More info about the project on YouTube.

If you have any interest is seeing Paul’s Sea Ranch images they are always on exhibit at Studio 391, his studio/gallery in Gualala’s Cypress Village. His works are also currently on display at The Sea Ranch Association office and The Sea Ranch Lodge. If you are unable to visit the gallery his works can be viewed online at www.searanchphotography.com. If you can’t get to Sea Ranch, it’s the next best thing.

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